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Tupper 87(XBox360), BravoCompany61(XBox360), TheTechManE (PS3), Gator2474(XBox1), and Draculs Anubis (XBox360) mutually we are Commanders and manage SYPA. Download the Advance Warfare App to your mobile phone you will notice Commander will be tossed between Tupper87 or BravoCompany61 from time to time. We are avid gamers 20 plus years. It is important that when we are on-line we do so for enjoyment. If at any time this is not obtainable then we'll call it a night. We enjoy good Ethics/Code of Conductwhich is covered in another section. This is not mandatory but at least you'll know what to expect from us.

Together we are stronger by communicating enemy positions, tactical strategies and sharing weapon load outs.

All SYPA members send a friend request to BravoCompany61 and your Commanders.

Again, SYPA welcomes you!

Honor our men and women in all the arm forces.

Thank you!

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United States Army: "Army Strong"

United States Coast Guard: "Semper Paratus" (English: Always Prepared)United States

Navy:"Non sibi sed patriae" (English: Not Self, but Country)

United States Marine Corps: "Semper Fidelis" (English: Always Faithful)

United States Air Force:"Aim High...Fly, Fight, Win"

US Navy SEALs: "The only easy day was yesterday."

US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers: "So Others May Live"

National Guard of the United States: "Always Ready, Always There"

US Army Rangers: "Sua Sponte" "Rangers lead the way!"

US Air Force Pararescue: "That Others May Live"

US Army Special Forces (Green Berets): "De Opresso Liber" (English: "From Oppressed to Free"

US Air Force Combat Control: "First There"United States Army National Guard: "You Can"

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